About Us

The Resourceful Scholars’ Hub aims at providing useful and practical advice to PhD students struggling with writing, research, and effective management of their PhD projects. It recognises the almost-universal challenges that PhD students encounter as they juggle their studies, family life, employment and social life, and strives to make their lives easier with comprehensive “how-to” articles and illustrative guides to the common issues they face. It was started by Grace Njeri-Otieno, a current PhD student in Kenya, who shares the lessons she learns in the course of her academic journey.

Grace holds a Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees in Economics (both from Kenyan universities) and has been working in the Health Economics space since 2013. In the course of her professional career, she has been engaged in writing different types of technical papers, carrying out research, and overall project management.

Grace is passionate about academics and her decision to join a PhD programme was inspired by her thirst to fully join the scholarly world. She plans to become an academician and established researcher upon completion of her studies. She recognises that the PhD programme is just the first of many steps she will take in order to become an expert in her field.

Through this site, Grace intends to share the practical lessons she learns during her PhD journey with other PhD students who may be struggling in areas of scholarly writing, research, and effective management of their studies. Her vision for the site is to become a “go-to resource center for PhD students.”